1978541_10104429040668870_4568793553702517803_oBeing chronically-ill during your high school years is tough enough between hospitalization and being homebound most of the time.  Missing your prom should not add to your burdens!

So join us at our 3rd annual Anti-PROM that includes dinner, casino games and prizes for all our hidden (chronically-ill) guests for FREE!  (rsvp required)  (See flyer below for more details)

This year’s Anti-PROM will have MORE games, MORE room (we have the entire 2nd floor!) and MORE concierge volunteers to cater to your needs!

Register now for your complimentary tickets for this year’s 3rd annual Anti-PROM for Chronically Ill Teens and College Age young adults to be held at Maggiano’s Ballroom in Houston, Tx.  (You are welcome to bring 1 teen guest with you)891675_10104429071566950_7413211277773523743_o

Tickets are first come first serve and unfortunately no tickets are available at the door.

Parents – Please inquire availability of your staying to chaperone our event.  If there is space, we would be happy to have you!

Please share with the chronically ill youth you know!  

Title Event Sponsor:  The Follis Family

Prom Dresses donated by:  (Brand new dresses) Love Couture Fashion & Formals & (gently used) Pruning Hooks.  Stay tuned for shopping day details (to be held in late March)

1909162_10104429033158920_2225794116991040197_oSee our website for more details:   www.MiksHiddenHearts.org

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MHHA Prom Flyer 2015psd

Houston area friends: Have advice/insight on one of our big wishlist items? Due to our growth, we are very much in need of OFFICE SPACE (with storage if possible). Know of a business who may be willing to donate an unused office space for our non-profit? Please contact us with details!

This wishlist office space is important not only for our growth, but to give our volunteers a central location to go to when we are at the hospital or doctor appointments for the always unpredictable dysautonomia life.

The needs of the charity do not stop even when we, as as family, have to slow down due to Mik’s unpredictable symptoms.  So, we could really use your insight / advice to make this happen!

Sidenote: We have been off the radar a little more than we prefer. Mik has become more symptomatic the past couple of months and recently fell, hit her head and got a concussion (she is doing better though!) So please forgive us for our slower than normal communication. If you have not heard back from us, please send me a direct message at my personal email address: kerionco@entouch.net.

**With office space, our volunteers can fill in for us easier. Thank you for your patience while we grow!

UPDATE – Christmas Social: Calling all Hidden Families and MHHA Volunteers! We hope you can join us THIS Saturday (Dec 13) from 6:30 – 8:30 at All Star Family Grill. (If you are new to MHHA, we would love to have you join us too!)

What to Bring:  For those teenagers and young adults who would like to participate, bring a $10 wrapped gift to play a fun gift swapping game. Order your food when you come in, then join us in the party room.

RSVP:  Please rsvp us at: info@mikshiddenhearts.org so we can save you a seat! Hope to see you there! (Please note this was originally a potluck keeno party, but we will have to do that in the spring due to unforeseen scheduling changes on our end)

Location:  All Star Family Grill:  26440 Farm to Market 1093 #400, Richmond, TX 77406

Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance is dedicated to bringing positive encouragement and hope to homebound and hospitalized teens and young adults who suffer from Dysautonomia and other life-changing chronic illnesses through social outreach, Hope Kits, Hospital Teen Program and Dysautonomia Awareness.  #dysautonomia #chronicillness #Hope4Dysautonomia #TheHidden @MiksHiddenHeart

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 Join us for the 3rd Annual Boo Bash!  


*  Haunted Casino Night with prizes


*  Saltgrass Catered Dinner


*  Music entertainment by Smokestack Sons and Johnny Bravo Entertainment


*  Halloween Costume Contest with prizes


*Silent & Live Auction


Saturday, October 25, 2014

6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Mason Creek Community Center
20201 Kingsland Blvd.

The Boo Bash will be a night full of entertainment for adults and our hidden families to help raise necessary funds for us to serve in 2015 with our programs – especially the Hope Kit care packages sent across the states to homebound and hospitalized chronically ill teens and the much anticipated Anti-PROM locally a specially planned prom for our youth who would not normally get to participate in a prom due to their health.

Tickets are $50 and include dinner, entertainment, and three door prize drawing tickets. Some generous sponsors have donated towards Hidden Families tickets to help offset their costs.  Please message us directly for more information atinfo@mikshiddenhearts.org.

Register at mikshiddenhearts.org. 

Sorry, only guests registered by Monday, Oct. 20 will be admitted.

We still need donations & sponsors!

Can you help us make a difference in the lives of chronically ill teens?

Kindly consider donating a silent auction basket or gift item to help us reach our fundraising goals.  Or, consider being a sponsor.  Information and sponsor benefits are below.

To donate, please email us so we can coordinate pickup of your donation atinfo@mikshiddenhearts.org or make a financial donation online here.  
Want to be a sponsor?  Please click here.  

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Gold Heart Sponsors

Ronda McWhorter & The McWhorter Family

Saltgrass Restaurant (Katy Location)

Silver Heart Sponsors

Brett Perroux Photography  –  Lowrie/Moller Family  –  The Marlowe Family

Commissioner Andy Meyers  –  Joy’s Biscotti  –  Joy & Alicia Lee

Bronze Heart Sponsors

The Rivers Family  –  Chris & Amy Jinks – Anonymous Donors

Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance | | info@mikshiddenhearts.org |http://www.mikshiddenhearts.org

From the Momma Bear:  I love hearing the Pay It Forward stories at places like Starbucks and Chick-fil-a.  People spreading kindness without expecting anything in return.  Just simply doing something to bring joy to another person’s day. This, my friends, is what we should all strive to do each and everyday.  Big and small acts of kindness purely done to be uplifting to others.  Which brings me to this post for today….

Friday Night Lights and Pay it Forward?!:  I just had to share the story that happened to Tami, one of my sweet friend’s, son named Spencer who just happens to have Autism.  Spencer is an amazing kiddo and is one of the two big blessings to Tami and her husband Mike.

Their other blessing is Spencer’s big brother, Parker, who plays football for the Katy High School varsity team (in case you do not know, football is a big deal here in Texas!)  Mike, Tami and Spencer go to Parker’s games to cheer him on and what could be an event that spotlights Spencer’s autistic difficulties turns into an amazing display of true human kindness.

Check out the video below of Katy High School Band drummer letting Spencer play with the band.  This has not happened one time, but several times.  The drummers include Spencer and it means the world to him and to his parents.

Sept 26 - Spencer's Mom, Tami, wrote "Fun night for little bubbie!! Thanks @maxholtke and Katy drumline for letting him jam with y'all!!"

Sept 26 – Spencer’s Mom, Tami, wrote “Fun night for little bubbie!! Thanks @maxholtke and Katy drumline for letting him jam with y’all!!”

One of Tami’s friends wrote “Max watches for Spencer and the other percussion kids all greet Spencer as he comes in. They want him to play! At one point the cadence wasn’t fast like Spencer likes to play so Jordan changed cadences. This is s story about drummers and their passion for drumming!”

Click here if the video is not showing below:  http://youtu.be/3ecpMdrhMnc

Because we at Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance greatly believe in promoting all of those who live with hidden illnesses, we also like to focus on those young people who are often “invisible” to the general population due to disabilities or disorders.  We also like to encourage our hidden youth to not just look at being served, but how to “Bless Up” and serve others.  When a “normie” teen reaches to the hidden, it makes my heart sing even more.  Thank you Katy High School Band and Spencer for being another example of goodness in our community!

And don’t forget!  Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance 3rd Annual Boo Bash Charity Casino Night will be held on October 25.  We are raising money to help further our mission to reach out to homebound and hospitalized youth both locally and nationally with our programs such as Hope Kits Care Packages and our very popular Anti-PROM to be held in Spring 2015 in Houston at the wonderful Maggianos.

Please consider helping us towards our fundraising goals AND attend the Bash!  To learn more, go to www.MiksHiddenHearts.org.  

Join us for the 3rd Annual Mik's Hidden Alliance Boo Bash!

Join us for the 3rd Annual Mik’s Hidden Alliance Boo Bash!


Mik Homecoming 2010 – Freshman year in High School – Hours before our life changed forever

From the Momma Bear: October is a fun month of fall festivities and homecoming football games. I was just like many of my sweet momma friends 4 years ago coordinating my daughter’s Homecoming pictures, Homecoming mum (it’s a Texas thing!), her homecoming dress, etc. My daughter always had big goals and dreams and she started out her freshman year ready to take charge and make them happen – determined to go have fun in high school while focusing on making good grades so she could go away to college after graduation.

This October 23rd marks the 4th year anniversary when my daughter first collapsed on the dance floor at homecoming dance. Oct 23… the day my daughter’s entire “planned” future was taken away from her (or so we thought then). Her entire high school experience – gone in one night. When something we all take for granted, a working autonomic nervous system, decided to work against her pitting her body against the will of her spirit.56813_1697051351358_2025625_o

We decided to host our first Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance Boo Bash in 2012 to turn a very negative date in our world to a positive date (Boo Bash!) in order to raise money to spotlight the needs of the hidden teens, young adults and their families that we serve. October 23rd is also Texas Dysautonomia Awareness Day in honor of Mikaela Aschoff.

Please make plans to attend Boo Bash and help us continue our mission! It is a blast! If you can’t attend, please consider making a donation, sponsoring or purchasing raffle tickets. Go to our website for more information: www.mikshiddenhearts.org

Thank you for helping to make my daughter’s dream and vision of creating Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance for Dysautonomia Teens come true and giving the families we serve a voice and help them to remember they are not alone. Oct 23rd is now a positive day in our eyes. It is the date we had our eyes open to a world we did not realize unfortunately existed before we were exposed to it…. that of thousands of young people across the country who are suffering from debilitating chronic illness and their families who are in need and live this life on a regular basis. They are the unsung heroes – some of the strongest people you will ever meet – who live a mostly invisible life and deserve their time in the spotlight.

Calling all Hidden chronically ill youth and their caregivers – we want to hear from YOU. (We would love have the patient perspective, caregiver perspective or both!)

Send us your video clips and pictures and let us know what Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance has meant to you. Also, we would like to hear how the hidden illness you face affects you.

Video clips and photos will be used in our upcoming Awareness Campaign that will be premiered at Boo Bash

Please have submissions in by Oct 1.

Send to: info@mikshiddenhearts.org