Autonomic Testing 101

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
A big thank you to POTSgrrl informative blog who researched the below information.

Many POTS patients e-mail me asking me what tests they should ask their doctor to run when their doctor suspects they have POTS.  I am   not a doctor, but I have had many different autonomic tests.  Here are some of the tests commonly performed on patients with a suspected or known POTS diagnosis.  They are not all considered “autonomic” tests, but many of them can be used to evaluate the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.  Some of the tests are used to rule out other diseases, some are to determine how severe the POTS is and some are to help determine the cause of the POTS.  Not every patient needs every test, and not every doctor is aware of the availability or usefulness of each test.  By posting information on these tests here, I am NOT suggesting that every POTS patient needs every one of these tests.

Here is a good instructional video on some of the autonomic tests from the lab of Dr. Peter Novak, a well regarded autonomic neurologist in Massachusetts.

To read the comprehensive testing list, click here.


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