Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance Teen Dysautonomia Awareness

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Dysautonomia, Uncategorized
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A big thank you to MHHA volunteer Antoinette Boulet for putting this Dysautonomia Awareness video together about our founder Mikaela Aschoff’s journey, the creation of MHHA and, most importantly, helping other teens with Dysautonomia.

Also, we at Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance GREATLY appreciate the work and dedication of the amazing team at UT Physicians: Dr. Numan (cardiologist) and Dr. Butler (neurologist) and their wonderful staff for all they do for teens with dysautonomia and their families. To say they care and give a voice to the hidden is an understatement!  A big thank you too goes to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital for the outstanding care they give.


  1. The video was just beautiful Mik and I thank you so very much for putting this web together to help all the teens so that they have a place to go when they need someone to talk As I watched it and saw my wonderful ,sweet grandson Justin lambs face go by,it made it all so real for me and wish that I could make it go away .We all can work together sweet girl and make it happen.With all the wonderful parents and the greatest Doctors in the world it’s going to happen.Lets not forget you all have God in the fight with you.I wish my Justin and all you wonderful kids a most beautiful day tomorrow and each and every day. Hugs to all. Marlene

  2. Cyndi Miller says:

    Mikaela what an amazing video sweetheart you have managed to give a voice, picture and heart to this insane disorder you girls fight on a daily basis.  You mom and I are strong women, but it is you girls that are the true heros.  I am so glad Caitlin has found friendship in you and the others for you all need that.   Love and prayers always, Cyndi Miller


  3. UncertainMe says:

    Love the video!! I was excited to share it with all my FB friends, it sheds light on what it’s like to live with Dysautonomia, plus I love the way it shares your story and how you’ve turned a bad thing into such a good ministry!

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