What is an “Anti-Prom” for chronically ill teens?

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Charity Events, Dysautonomia, Teen Social
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We are getting many great questions in about our first annual Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance “Anti-prom”.  Here is one for today:

Why is it called “anti-prom”?

Our first annual Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance prom is called the “anti-prom” because many teens with debilitating chronic illness do not fit in at a regular prom and live a life that is opposite of a “regular” teen life.  Regular prom includes dancing, standing/socializing and long hours.  Many chronically ill teens are unable to even stand for a few minutes and can feel excluded because they miss so much school and have difficulty feeling included with friends.  Needless to say, because they are just one of a few chronically ill at a regular prom, attending something as fun as prom can make them feel even more hidden. 

In between hospitalizations, doctor appointments and many being homebound from school, they are not able to engage in many fun teen activities… especially prom.  The anti-prom is the opposite of a regular prom in that it is planned by chronically ill teens FOR chronically ill teens and focuses on fun activities they can do sitting down (casino games, dinner being served to them and great volunteers that will assist them with whatever they need.) 

Yes, they will get to dress up and get to socialize with other teens who understand their “opposite” world.  However, it is planned all within their endurance and abilities.  At the anti-prom, they will not be one of a few that is chronically ill.  They will be surrounded by teens just like them! 

The courageous teens on our anti-prom committee really want to work on spreading hope to their fellow chronically ill teens by helping them embrace this opposite world and learning to work within it…. All the while not missing out on key teen experiences like a prom. 

Chronically-ill teens – join us at the anti-prom!  Financial assistance available!  See more on our website at:  www.mikshiddenhearts.org



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