Discovering Purpose through Pain – MHHA in the News

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ImageA big thank you to Katy Times and very kind and professional staff writer Taryn Sanderson for her article featuring my story and charity Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance  which will help spread dysautonomia awareness and help us to reach other chronically ill teens.  


The music echoed through the Seven Lakes High School cafeteria when a student suddenly collapsed.

Freshman Mikaela Aschoff, now 17, was reliving her first and last homecoming dance.

“It was so quick when it happened; I didn’t fully understand what was going on,” Aschoff said. “I was very disoriented and I couldn’t move my legs.”

About a week later, Mikaela was diagnosed at Memorial Herman Children’s Hospital with Dysautonomia, a unique illness that targets the autonomic nervous system.

Mikaela was experiencing what she now calls an “episode” that night at the dance. It is common for Mikaela’s legs to go into a temporary paralysis state with her condition.

“In the week leading up to my diagnosis, I was also experiencing intense chest pains,” Aschoff said. “I could barely walk and every time I would sit up, I would just fall right to the floor.”

Before, Mikaela was a perfectly healthy teenager; she had no record of any medical issues in the past. That’s why her diagnosis was a shock to her and her family.

“It was like I was in a dream and I wanted to wake up from this nightmare because I was terrified of hospitals,” Aschoff admitted.

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