Bless Up! – Passing it on!

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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(From the Momma Bear):  Just had to share this…  Thank you Maria and Rebecca for the uplifting words we received tonight.  Trust me, we receive so much more than we give.  I wish all of us were not on a Dysautonomia journey, but finding the silver lining, so thankful for our amazing MHHA families that walk the path with us.  And it never fails to amaze me how giving our families are (knowing we are trying to raise funds to help other teens).  Thank you from the bottom of my heart M&R for Blessing Up others!

ImageDear Mikaela and Keri,


We wanted to let you know how grateful Rebecca  and I are that we found out about MHHA. The first time I went to your site you had just had a social meeting at a movie theatre. I vividly remember thinking, “How on earth can they sit for that long?!” Rebecca had just been diagnosed and had debilitating symptoms, we were still praying for good hours to turn into good days.

 A few weeks later, we were preparing to attend our first MHHA meeting in Katy. Just before leaving Rebecca’s legs gave way, and she was lying at the top of the stairs, her body shaking. I had been anticipating this meeting for weeks, and we were going! It took a while to get Rebecca into the car, and we were a little late, but we made it.

 For the first time I was able to speak with two other parents who had a child dealing with very similar symptoms. It was beyond reassuring to know that seizures, body tremors, slurred speech, brain fog, etc were “normal”.

 Rebecca will always remember being able to go and choose a dress for the Prom. But also getting a chance to talk about her symptoms after kindly being asked, “How are you feeling Rebecca?” That day she got reassurance from fellow teenagers that they also are experiencing the same and similar symptoms. On the way home in the car, she said,”That was better than ten doctor’s appointments!” and I totally agreed.

I hope you know how much we have treasured meeting you both and how blessed we feel that our roads crossed. You have been our inspiration and support when we have needed it most. We have put together two Christmas-themed baskets, with items donated with the help of family friends, as a small token of our appreciation. And Houston Repertoire Ballet, where Rebecca danced (just taking a temporary break!! 🙂 have donated 4 tickets to their Nutcracker in Tomball.


Sending our best wishes,

Maria and Rebecca 


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