Happy 1 Year Anniversary Texas Dysautonomia Awareness Day!

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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October 23rd is officially the Texas Dysautonomia Awareness Day in honor of Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance founder, teenager Mikaela “Mik” Aschoff.  Or, as Mik likes to say – in honor of all her fellow dys friends : )


Texas Dysautonomia Awareness Day Proclamation signed on Oct 23, 2012!

October 23 (2010) is also the anniversary for the first time Mik collapsed on the dance floor at her 9th grade high school homecoming dance.  So to make this negative day positive, MHHA requested the State of Texas declare this life changing day into Dysautonomia Awareness Day!

We encourage this to move forward to other states!  Join the MHHA challenge and read more about how to get proclamations in your area through Dysautonomia International.

And as always, we are very proud partners with the Lamb Foundation for Dysautonomia Research who work with Mik’s great team of doctors at the Dysautonomia Clinic for Excellence at the Children’s Memorial Hermann / UTHSC Physicians in Houston, Tx.  

Posted by www.mikshiddenhearts.org.

We serve teens with Dysautonomia and other hidden life-changing chronic illnesses.

Know of a deserving “hidden” homebound or hospitalized teen?  Nominate them for a Hope Kit filled with teen inspired gifts!  Go to our website at www.mikshiddenhearts.org for more details.



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