Proof It’s NOT All in Your Head!

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Dysautonomia, research
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Who among us in the Dysautonomia community are beyond tired of having to prove to some in the medical community that Dysautonomia is a real illness? Not Psychological. Not self induced. REAL!

We at Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance are very thankful for the research being done through Mik’s great team of doctors (The Dysautonomia Center for Excellence at UT Physicians /Memorial Hermann), The Lamb Foundation for Dysautonomia Research and through Dysautonomia International for researching organic causes (simple definition being real measurable physical symptoms) which will help us all in the long run for better treatments and ultimately a CURE one day.

Big props to Dysautonomia International for this latest news….

Very informative news on a POTS (subtype of Dysautonomia) is not in “your head” from Dysautonomia International.

Research Update: more proof POTS is not “all in your head

Many physicians mistake the physical symptoms of POTS, such as tachycardia, palpitations, and shortness of breath, as the signs of an anxiety disorder or some other psychological problem. Prior research has documented that POTS is not associated with increased levels of anxiety or psychiatric disorders, that POTS symptoms are phenomenologically different and clinically distinguishable from panic disorder, and that the upright tachycardia seen POTS patients is not caused by anxiety.

Despite publication of this research, many physicians continue to misdiagnose POTS patients as having anxiety disorders or other psychiatric conditions. While psychiatric disorders are serious health problems that require proper treatment, the treatment for these conditions is not the same as the treatment for POTS, and can sometimes make POTS symptoms worse.

New research provides additional proof that POTS is not “all in your head.” A study recently published in Clinical Autonomic Research, Visceral sensitization in postural tachycardia syndrome, examined whether palpitations frequently reported by POTS patients were psychological or organic in origin. Palpitations are those thumping, fluttering, pounding sensations everyone feels from time to time in their heart, but many POTS patients experienced palpitations on a regular basis, and much more so than healthy individuals.

To read more, click here…


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