Chronically-Ill Teens Prom – RSVPs Due Tomorrow! Dinner, Prizes and a Great Time!

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Photography courtesy of Brett Perroux

RSVP due tomorrow for Anti-PROM for chronically-ill teens!  Sorry, no tickets available at the door.

Chronically-ill teens Anti-PROM is almost here!  We need your rsvp (and your guest if applicable) by tomorrow!  We want to accommodate as many teens as possible so share the news and get your rsvp in today.  Click here to register.  Sorry, but registering at the door is not available. 

Giving deserving chronically-ill teens something to smile about and look forward to:  Anti-PROM!!!

FAQ #8 – If I am not sure if I (chronically ill teen) will bring a guest, do I have to rsvp us both at the same time?

Answer:  No – Each guest needs to rsvp separately – regardless if they are a “hidden” teen or guest.  However, upon registering guests must include the name of the hidden teen they will be attending with.  Get your rsvp in as soon as possible so you do not miss out.  Then, if you decide to bring a guest, you can have them (or you) rsvp online at that time.  **All rsvps need to be received by April 1st.  Click here to register.


Photography courtesy of Brett Perroux

So help us to reach as many deserving teens as possible – spread the news! Get the word out to deserving chronically-ill teens! Just because you maybe homebound or frequently hospitalized – missing alot of school – does not mean you should miss a traditional teen high school experience like Prom!

Who is Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance Anti-Prom for?

Any high school age teen who lives with a life-changing debilitating chronic illness like Dysautonomia and other hidden illnesses. (Not just for Juniors and Seniors!) Also, we love our college age mentors who was a hidden teen to attend as well. Contact us for details.


Photography Courtesy of Brett Perroux

Why is it called “Anti-PROM”? Because we think humor is the best medicine and kindly tease that our chronically-ill teens like to do everything backwards (in Mik’s case, dysautonomia likes to put Mik’s autonomic nervous system on hiatus), it is called Anti-PROM because it is the opposite of the “typical prom”. No high school drama. Great music, but no dancing (due to physical limitations of some of our hidden teens). Casino night with tons of prizes. We are a group of includers – not excluders. Do not know anyone at MHHA? We have so much fun at Anti-PROM, I promise you will leave with friends!

Where is this being held at? At Maggiano’s in Houston, Texas. Coming from out of town? Message us and we will help direct you to some area hotels.




Photography courtesy of Brett Perroux

We need prizes for each of our guest attendees! Yes, we want EACH hidden teen to go home with fun prizes!! Items can include: themed gift baskets, gift certificates, individual gift items, etc. We also need a GRAND PRIZE. We are also working on Swag Bags for each guest. Have something to give? Or you have a business you would like to promote and can give from 1 – 125 items? Please message us at

We also need financial donations. Thanks to our Boo Bash sponsors from October, we have all our basic costs for the Anti-PROM covered. However, we want to go much bigger for these deserving teens than just “basic”. Your financial donation will help this dream come become a reality.


Photography Courtesy of Brett Perroux

Volunteer: We will be hosting a casino game night for our Anti-Prom hidden teens. Know how to deal? Or can you help with setup / clean? Want to collect donation prizes for us? Whatever you can do, we would appreciate it!  Please make sure to contact us here with your availability and preferred area to serve.

Get your RSVP in today – Tickets are first come, first serve. Sorry, but registering at the door is not available. 

Feel free to share the flyer below!


Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance is dedicated to bringing positive encouragement to homebound and hospitalized teens who suffer from Dysautonomia and other life-changing chronic illnesses.  #dysautonomia #chronicillness #prom #POTS

  1. Pyle Family says:

    I just want to confirm that my daughter, Sydney has registered. She is going with April. Both girls have dysautonomia. Thank you, Dana

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