October 23rd – A very bad day to one of the greatest blessings

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Dysautonomia, From the Momma Bear
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Mik Homecoming 2010 – Freshman year in High School – Hours before our life changed forever

From the Momma Bear: October is a fun month of fall festivities and homecoming football games. I was just like many of my sweet momma friends 4 years ago coordinating my daughter’s Homecoming pictures, Homecoming mum (it’s a Texas thing!), her homecoming dress, etc. My daughter always had big goals and dreams and she started out her freshman year ready to take charge and make them happen – determined to go have fun in high school while focusing on making good grades so she could go away to college after graduation.

This October 23rd marks the 4th year anniversary when my daughter first collapsed on the dance floor at homecoming dance. Oct 23… the day my daughter’s entire “planned” future was taken away from her (or so we thought then). Her entire high school experience – gone in one night. When something we all take for granted, a working autonomic nervous system, decided to work against her pitting her body against the will of her spirit.56813_1697051351358_2025625_o

We decided to host our first Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance Boo Bash in 2012 to turn a very negative date in our world to a positive date (Boo Bash!) in order to raise money to spotlight the needs of the hidden teens, young adults and their families that we serve. October 23rd is also Texas Dysautonomia Awareness Day in honor of Mikaela Aschoff.

Please make plans to attend Boo Bash and help us continue our mission! It is a blast! If you can’t attend, please consider making a donation, sponsoring or purchasing raffle tickets. Go to our website for more information: www.mikshiddenhearts.org

Thank you for helping to make my daughter’s dream and vision of creating Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance for Dysautonomia Teens come true and giving the families we serve a voice and help them to remember they are not alone. Oct 23rd is now a positive day in our eyes. It is the date we had our eyes open to a world we did not realize unfortunately existed before we were exposed to it…. that of thousands of young people across the country who are suffering from debilitating chronic illness and their families who are in need and live this life on a regular basis. They are the unsung heroes – some of the strongest people you will ever meet – who live a mostly invisible life and deserve their time in the spotlight.


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