Need YOUR advice with one of our big charity needs!

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Houston area friends: Have advice/insight on one of our big wishlist items? Due to our growth, we are very much in need of OFFICE SPACE (with storage if possible). Know of a business who may be willing to donate an unused office space for our non-profit? Please contact us with details!

This wishlist office space is important not only for our growth, but to give our volunteers a central location to go to when we are at the hospital or doctor appointments for the always unpredictable dysautonomia life.

The needs of the charity do not stop even when we, as as family, have to slow down due to Mik’s unpredictable symptoms.  So, we could really use your insight / advice to make this happen!

Sidenote: We have been off the radar a little more than we prefer. Mik has become more symptomatic the past couple of months and recently fell, hit her head and got a concussion (she is doing better though!) So please forgive us for our slower than normal communication. If you have not heard back from us, please send me a direct message at my personal email address:

**With office space, our volunteers can fill in for us easier. Thank you for your patience while we grow!


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