Loved the Dysautonomia Seminar

Posted: April 30, 2016 in Uncategorized


Today, Mik and I attended the Dysautonomia Seminar hosted by the Dysautonomia Center of Excellence / UT Physicians / Children’s Memorial Hospital.  The entire seminar was wonderful and very interesting to this Dysautonomia mom research nerd.

The fabulous Dr. Numan and Dr. Butler spoke along with guest speaker (awesome!) Dr. Chelimisky. Big props go to the best Dysautonomia Research nurse, Rebecca Martinez, for all her hard work in coordinating the seminar!

I was so blessed to talk to so many of our MHHA families at today’s Dysautonomia Seminar in Houston (reached max capacity of 300!)


As I looked across the room, I saw parents of all ages, living in different areas, different cultural backgrounds with the SAME unconditional loving determination to understand their teen/young adult’s Dysautonomia life AND get them the help they need.

We are all family by fire.


Big thank you to Lamb Foundation and Dysautonomia International for co-sponsoring this event!

Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance serving teens and young adults with #Dysautonomia and other life-changing chronic illnesses.


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