Need Miracle for Mik – Please share

Posted: May 23, 2016 in Uncategorized


It is time… NO MORE dysautonomia causing hard falls like she did today.  NO MORE.  I can not bear to think one day she could not wake up from one of those fainting episodes that cause one too many concussions.

Please help share this link
so we can try to get Mikaela Aschoff the treatment she greatly needs that insurance does not cover. 


So many of you have so generously helped with our other actual charity goals and because this personally and directly affects Mikaela (not the charity) we do not want to bother you for more.  But if each one of my friends could share this link, with writing a personal message, you could easily generate countless dollars to make this happen.

****If you have a business that you would like to donate a percentage of your sales OR a fundraiser idea that you can lead, PLEASE contact me.  The sooner we make this happen the better.

Thank you my friends, for helping and sharing.  Isaiah 40:31

#TeamMiracleForMikaela  #Dysautonomia  #MiksHiddenHearts

  1. Cyndi Miller says:

    Keri I so understand what you’re saying. Caitlin’s medical bills are out of sight because of her Dysautonomia and the endless battles we have with doctors, symptoms they don’t understand and tests insurance won’t cover. I pray daily for our kids and that medicine can one day help them live a better quality of life. Maybe even come to recognize the pleuthera of symptoms they need treatment for as well. We are praying for Mik and I hope she’s better soon. God bless

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