Sometimes the Helpers Need Help

Posted: June 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Mik’s fiancee Nick literally carrying her when her legs refused to work any longer.  #TrueLoveDespiteDysautonomia

(Originally Posted by ESD 48 News) Have you ever noticed that people with giving hearts tend to find each other.

One of our volunteer firefighters, Nick Bourdoumis, has found that match in Mikaela Aschoff. Mikaela, better known as Mik, has spent much of her young life helping others in spite of her own debilitating condition.  Nick and Mik recently got engaged and their greatest wish is to be able to get through her diagnosis together and live a normal life as man and wife.

“Mik’s hope is that she could walk down the aisle on her own and stand by herself at her wedding,” says her mother Keri.

…To read the rest of this ESD 48 News report on Mik, click here.


Click here for the Channel 2 #KPRC news interview by Keith Garvin on Mik’s story.

#Dysautonomia #StemCells #Celltex


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