The Importance of Oct 22

Posted: October 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Mik Oct 23, 2010 – Right before her first Dysautonomia collapse

From the Momma Bear:  Today marks the 6 year anniversary when my daughter, Mik, had her last carefree healthy teenager day. Tomorrow, 6 years ago, she woke up and was excited to attend her first homecoming dance. But something unexpected was triggered and she collapsed on the dance floor. Her entire life changed at that minute ultimately having to be homebound for the rest of her years of high school. And let me tell you my friends, it has not been easy for her or for me as her mom to watch her hurting so much all these years.

So what can you do to honor your Oct 22? Take a deep breath and thank God, despite any battles you are facing, that your autonomic nervous system (that awesome system that works quietly in the background and rarely gets praise) is working. That you can stand without passing out. That you can walk for 10 minutes without needing a wheelchair. That you can take a shower without feeling like you ran a marathon. That every nerve in your body is flared and you hurt like you have the flu. That your food can digest without requiring a trip to the ER because your GI almost completely stops and causing extreme pain. That all your hopes and dreams of your teens’, that you thought was completely in their grasp if they just worked hard enough in school, was completely taken away and you both had to start over from the beginning.
So to honor Oct 23 and turn it into a positive, the state of Texas declared Oct 23 as Dysautonomia Awareness Day in honor of Mik and her work through MHHA. Tomorrow will be the 5th annual.


Most of Mik’s high school years was spent here…

Much love to you all and keep spreading awareness. Because of all your help through our charity, you spread HOPE to our families in need so much more than you realize.
Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance serving teens and young adults with #Dysautonomia and other life-changing chronic illnesses.
  1. Cindy Parker says:

    Thank you both!!!


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