Important Status of MHHA for upcoming year – Hurricane Harvey

Posted: September 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

Important Status of Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance:

Due to the widespread destruction to South Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, our upcoming year 2017/18 is in jeopardy. 
So many in our community are hurting and in 95% of our donations that we receive that sustains us for the year comes from local donations and sponsorships. 
We can not in good faith ask our community when they are hurting now and for an indetermined amount of time in the future. 
In normal years, we start running low on funds in the summer, but then start receiving Boo Bash fundraiser donations which sustains us for the rest of the school year. 
Quite honestly, we are just about out of funds. No funds coming in starting on Sept 1 (from Boo Bash) means we have no funds for socials including the much anticipated Anti-PROM, no money for the storage for all our event supplies. No money for Hope Kits and mailing. No money to pay the rest of the money due for the generous discounted rate from our Boo Bash vendors. Etc. 
We run 100% on volunteer hours. There is no where we can scrap by to make Boo Bash work. No annual fundraiser Boo Bash means no Anti-PROM (and our other programs). 
We have a few options that will need to be fulfilled within the next 2 weeks before we have to put a hold on MHHA for 2017/18
Option 1:. Corporate sponsors:. If you can get  corporate sponsor(s) to pledge part or full needs for this upcoming year which includes financing the Anti-PROM for 150 to 200 chronically ill youth, this will enable us to move forward this year. We would need you to do the leg work on this. We appreciate referrals and recommendations, but we need quick direct help. 
Option 2:. We setup a campaign for you to ask your out of state friends and family to pledge money towards our costs this year. If we do not receive enough pledges in the approx 2 week timeframe, we will not process those pledges and have to stop MHHA for the year. 
If you would be willing to actively ask your out of state friends for pledges, please let me know. Honestly, without participation of approx 150 people to do this (same number of Anti-PROM guests last year) this will not be viable. 
MHHA is more than a charity to us. We are family. This is a heartbreaking dilemma we face. We DO NOT want the families we serve who face huge medical bills or our community affected by Hurricane Harvey to donate their precious dollars to make this happen. 
To run the organization for the school year 2017/18, have Anti-PROM, Boo Bash, other local smaller socials, Hope Kits care packages with mail costs, cover website hosting and storage for our event items, we will need to raise $20,000
We thank you for your prayers for our MHHA families. Prayers for all our chronically ill youth who greatly need  some joy and distraction. Prayers for Hurricane Harvey victims. And prayers for discernment on how best to proceed this upcoming year. 
We looks forward to hearing your comments. 
Peace and Blessings,
Mik, Keri and Aunt Ronda
Executive Board
Possible pledge update:
If only 100 of the hundreds youth we have served over the past 6 years would commit to actively pursuing pledges for only a total of $200, this would raise the needed $20,000. 
What to do now?
1.  Notify MHHA that you are willing to ask your non-affected Harvey family and friends for pledges totaling $200 (or more)
2.  If at least 100 people commit to pursuing pledges, we will setup the campaign in approx 1 week. 
All you need to do now is let us know you are willing to help. 
We do appreciate your kindness and help us to help the chronically ill youth we serve. ❤️

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