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Update Anti-PROM Check In List for Guests and Volunteers (See Below) – PLEASE VERIFY YOU AND/OR YOUR GUEST IS ON THE LIST.  INCLUDES VOLUNTEERS

mhha-prom-flyer-2017-with-sponsorsDue to safety reasons, if your name is not on the list, you will not be admitted.  (Pretty please do not make me turn anyone away!)  Parents, if you need to stay to be near your symptomatic teen/young adult, we completely understand.  We will need your name asap to add to the check in list.  We will have a caregiver room for your to socialize with other parents and eat dinner.
Also, I have been working on returning all emails and phone calls.  If you have a question that has not been answered, kindly email me again.  Mik has been in the hospital and we are trying to balance her care with Anti-PROM planning.
FAQ – 
ARRIVAL TIME & CHECK IN – Guests, please arrive no earlier than 3:45 and preferably no later than 4:00 to check in.  We have a bunch of fun planned and do not want you to miss a minute of it!
Also, YOU WILL NOT BE RECEIVING A TICKET for check in.  Your name will be on the check in list.  Please make sure your name, including your guest if applicable, is on the list.  (See below)
PARKING – Magnolia Hotel offer valet parking.  If you need assistance paying for the $15, MHHA can cover your costs.  **Must get validation sticker at CHECK OUT desk.
Also, please remember we will have many cars arriving during a short time.  Please do not worry or feel anxious.  We promise we will get you to where you need to go.  We will have our welcome volunteers there to greet you from the valet parking all the way to our Anti-PROM floor location.
DROP OFF/ PICK UP – Drop off / pick up is allowed through the same valet parking line.  Especially during pick up, please try to stay in contact with your teen/young adult and our volunteers will assistant them to your car safely.
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS – We understand your wheelchair/assistance walking needs can change day by day.  If you know you will need assistance and wheelchair friendly seating and did not mention this on the registration.  Please contact me as soon as possible so we can accommodate.
NO EARLY LEAVING – Due to safety and planning reasons, no minor guests or volunteers can leave before the end of Anti-PROM at 7:30.  We take your health very seriously.  If you know ahead of time you have to leave early, please contact me asap for us to coordinate.
BEHAVIOR – Luckily, we have the best guests we could ever ask for!  We just ask that language and actions stays PG, conversation topics stay positive, and everyone ….. friends new and old…. are included.  If the unexpected happens and someone does not follow our Terms to attend Anti-PROM, they will be asked to leave.  This has never ever happened, but please don’t be the first!
MEDICAL TEAM – We always try to plan for the unexpected.  We have two amazing RNs who are on standby to help take care of anyone is starts to feel off.  I promise it is completely okay if you are not feeling right.  So many of our guests in the past are afraid to say anything because they do not want to be forced to go home.  It is our goal to make you feel comfortable, prop up your feet, check your vitals, etc.  so you can hopefully go back to the Anti-PROM.  This is our 5th annual and to date we only had 1 teen who was unfortunately too sick and had to leave.  The rest we have been able to help get back to the fun.  **Nurse’s station will have gatorade too if you need.
WAITLIST – We have people wanting to come to the Anti-PROM and on the waitlist.  If you or your guest are unable to attend, please let us know asap so we can offer that spot to someone else.
PRIZES – We have even more amazing prizes this year!!  EVERY chronically ill guest goes home a winner with some fantastic prizes and swag bags.  Their guests will even be recipients of swag bags filled with a ton of MHHA gear too!  Our donors and volunteers have worked hard this year to make everything perfect for you.  Kindly remember to show your appreciation to these great people.  Hidden youth (chronically ill) will all receive a door prize.
At the end of the night, there will be Casino Prize baskets, vacation getaways and more you (hidden youth) will get an opportunity to win.  Please note, once the Casino Prizes begin, hidden youth may only win ONE prize.  It is the first one you win (if you are lucky to have your ticket drawn again).  NORMIES (Healthy) GUESTS who are registered as guests, are NOT eligible for these casino prizes.  Meaning, only chronically ill youth, NOT their guests, are allowed to win these prizes.  So, some hidden youth will have a door prize AND a casino prize.  However, they can not have a door prize and 2 casino prizes… does this make sense?  (We will explain more at Anti-PROM)
Any other questions?  Please let me know!
CURRENT ANTI-PROM Registration List
**Please note, Mik has been in the hospital, so if your previous change/update is not below, kindly send me a reminder.  
Sophie Am
Mikaela As
Kyle As
Kamden As
Keri As
Tim As
Juan David Av
Pamela Ba
Brookelyn Ba
Jamie Ba
Rebeccah Ba
Phil Ba
Holly Ba
Christian Ba
Giovanita Be
Samantha Be
Lauren Bl
Michelle Bo
Larissa Bo
Destiny Bo
Antoinette Bo






Paige Bu
Shelby Bu
Chloe Ca
Madison Ca
Carlyjosephine milagros Ca
Haileystar Jazmine Ca
Blanca Ca
Cara Co
Myrna Co
Mikayla Co
Danielle Co
Ashley Cu
Lesha Da
Jacklyn Da
Kaitlyn Da
Elijah De
Julia De
Ari De
Stephanie Du
Cristina Du
Marissa Du
Kincaid Dw
Peyton Ei
Victoria Es
Nicolas Es
Jacob Es
Makila Fa
Mason Fl
Polly Fl
Taani Fo
Reid Fo
Riley Fo
Kambri Fo
Karris Fo
Mandy Fo
Lauren Fr
Megan Fr
Marissa Ga
Hannah Ga
Chandler Ge
Melaney Gi
Melaney Mom Gi
Henry Gl
Brittany Go
Amelia Go
Brianna Go
Benjamin Gr
Elizabeth Gr
Shaeli Ha
Samaria Ha
Nichole Ha
Mia He
Alyssa He
John Paul Hi
Hannah Ho
Miranda Ho
Marielle Hu
Ashley Hu
Kayla Hu
Illy Hu
Sarah Hu
Hellen Ik
Nick Is
Madeline Jo
Nolan Jo
William Jo
Mitch Jo
Kaylin Ke
Elizabeth Ki
Daniel Ki
Michael Ko
Phillip Ko
Sean Ko
Ryleigh La
Grace La
Alicia Le
Emily Li
Claire Ll
Rachel Lo
Jessica Lu
Bella Lu
Emma Ly
Rebecca Ma
Ronda Ma




Sarah Mc
Krista Mc
Olivia Mc
Shelby Mc
Michael Mc
Ronnie Mc
Shirley Mc
Payton Mi




Rachel Ne
Grace Ng
Kat Ny
Juliana Or
Evelin Or
Alexandria Or
Sophia Pa
Brett Pe
Lexi Pe
Sheri Pe
Mishael Pi
Emily Pi
Ashley QU
Alice Qu
Madison Re
Joanna Re
Mario Re
Claudia Re
Elizabeth Re
Natalia Ri
Alex Ri
Amber Ri
Manda Ri
Ash Ri
Sarah Ru
Abby Ru
Liana Ru
Victoria Sa
Deyton Sc
Tammy Sc
Ashtin Sc
Ana Sc
Megan Sc
Allison Sc
Paige Se
Bruce Se
Becky Se
Michael Se
Bailey Sh
Kinza Si
Arianna Si
McKenna Si
Stacy Si
Kyler Sm
Audrie St
Emerson St
Elijah Sw
Michael Sz
Victor Ta
Ethan Ta
Eileen Ta
Avery Th
Grace Th
Nicole Th
Rebekah Ti
Abigail Ti
Jill To
Paris To
Ireland To
Ajay Va
Kelly Va
Clotilde Va
Kaitlyn Vi
Kristina Wa
Lila Wa
Max We
Beebo (Brendan) We
Beckie We
Bert We
Lilly Wh
Anti-PROM 2017
501c3 Charity that brings hope to teens and young adults with Dysautonomia and other life-changing chronic illnesses

wickedGet your order in by this Friday!! Finally! Wicked information is here! Please read CLOSELY for the ticket limits. Invoices will be sent at the end of the week.

Unfortunately, our contact, the corporate & group sales manager at the Hobby Center who lobbied strongly on our behalf was not able to finalize the original deal he thought he could get us (though he said other musicals it is definitely possible) Though we still have a great deal!

***There are ticket limits for the MHHA special pricing discounted tickets. There are no limits on the other slightly discounted tickets and those are open to anyone.

PLEASE NOTE IT IS A NEW DATE – Sunday July 31 at 7:30pm
**$$$ is not due at this time

Location:  Hobby Center in Houston, Tx

RSVP through this link!

Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance serving homebound and frequently hospitalized teens and young adults with #Dysautonomia and other life-changing #ChronicIllnesses


ImageI wanted to give my teen friends a sneak peek of just one of the items that will be included in your anti-PROM swag bag.  

Check out the picture to the left for the latest Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance Shirt design.  


And I am very excited by all the Anti-PROM prize donations that are coming in.  

Can not wait to share this fun day with all of you.


Anti-PROM RSVPs due today!  Register online here.

**Hidden teens:  if you are bringing a guest, they need to be registered too through the above registration link.

Last, but not least, I would like to express my appreciation again to my co-chair, Lori Allen, for really going beyond the call of duty to help make this year’s Anti-PROM at Maggianos a success.  

Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance is dedicated to bringing positive encouragement to homebound and hospitalized teens who suffer from Dysautonomia and other life-changing chronic illnesses.  #dysautonomia #chronicillness 

Please help spread awareness!  Like our Facebook and Twitter pages.  

Upcoming Events:  Outreach for HOPE Meeting July 8 and MHHA The Woodlands Chapter Social July 12.  


JULY OUTREACH FOR HOPE MEETING:  Our Outreach meetings are NOT your ordinary “meeting”.  Part support group, always welcoming social event and learning opportunities are combined!  

What is Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance reoccurring theme for each meeting?  It’s HOPE!

Hope graphic copy

H – Heart full of

O – Optimism

P – Purpose

E – Encouragement

Chronically ill teens and their caregivers:  Join us this upcoming Monday and discover more ways to learn to work with your illness and grow!  This month’s theme is “Have a Dream”.  Activity and snacks provided.

Our meeting will include a thought provoking lesson and will give an opportunity for the teens and caregivers to have some “separate” time to have free discussion.

When  Mon, July 8, 2pm – 4pm

Where  Chapelwood United Methodist Church 11140 Greenbay St, Houston, TX 77024 (map)

Description Join us every 2nd Monday of the month at 2:00pm at the Chapelwood United Methodist Church for our Outreach Meeting for teens with Dysautonomia (and other chronic life changing illnesses) and their caregivers.

For more information on Dysautonomia, please go


MHHA The Woodlands Chapter – Social – July 12

Save the Date for JULY Social! – MHHA Woodlands Chapter Social for our hidden teens and their caregivers will be on Friday July 12 at 1:00 at Panera Bread on 242-College Park in The Woodlands (map). As always, our socials are come as you are! Open to non Woodlands families too!  


Posted by Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance.

For more Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance updates, check our website or our Facebook page here.

We help teens and their families who have Dysautonomia and other life changing hidden illnesses.

Dysautonomia Awareness – Support Group – Socials – Hope Kits


We at Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance are excited to announce, with permission from TIRR Memorial Hermann, the upcoming Dysautonomia Awareness and Advancement Seminar!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

10:00am – 3:00pm

TIRR Memorial Hermann Outpatient Rehabilitation at the Kirby Glen

2455 S Braeswood

Houston, Tx  77030


10:00 – Welcome

10:05 – Medical overview (Dr. Ian Butler and Dr,. Mohammed Numan)

11:00 – Benefits of physical rehabilitation (Dr. Glendaliz Bosques)

11:30 – Cognition, memory and return to school

12:15 – Light lunch

1:00 – Community and social support systems

1:45 – The importance of therapy including aquatics

2:45 – Questions and answers

3:00 – Conclusion

Please RSVP by June 24th – 713.383.5659


We who fight dysautonomia on a daily basis can all agree this seminar will be better than any summer blockbuster movie!  We are looking forward to it here at MHHA and hope to see you there!


For more Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance updates, check our website at: or our Facebook page here.

We help teens and their families who have Dysautonomia and other life changing hidden illnesses.

Dysautonomia Awareness – Support Group – Socials – Hope Kits


Me (Mik) with friends Jackie and TJ

In Mik’s Words:  It has been quite some time since I have written my last post because the monster that is dysautonomia decided to create havoc again by offering up nonstop flaring of debilitating symptoms at the beginning of the year. I have become used to change the ups and downs, so it did not surprise me when I was thrown into yet another storm. It’s in times like these when everything seems to be crumbling and pulling me down that I like to put up a fight and show that I am strong….and that the enemy can’t sway me. 

It was during one of my hospital stays when I came up with the idea to have a prom through my charity, Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance, for fellow chronically ill teens who are unable to attend their school’s prom. Being homebound with a debilitating illness, on the surface, can appear to take away so many special experiences such as prom. It made me think of my fellow “hidden” teens and it bothered me to think they would experience sadness when they saw pictures on social media of their friends who were able to attend and they would miss out on a night full of fun, friends, and great memories…..  And that just was not acceptable for me. 

The Anti Prom Vision:  Over the next few weeks, my vision of the “Anti Prom” for chronically ill teens began to develop.  I decided to name it “Anti Prom” because it would be the opposite of a traditional prom and needed to be unique and suit chronically ill teens who may not have the physical endurance to dance or stand. After discussing my idea with my mom, who fully loved and supported the idea and then discussed the idea with some of our awesome group of dysautonomia families, preparations for the Anti- Prom took off.  Not only did they take my vision and run with it, they made it even better than I imagined.  This event would have never happened without each and everyone of their help, input and ideas!  I will forever be thankful!!


Krystal, Caitlin and I having fun “shopping” for prom dresses donated by Pruning Hooks Ministry

Local ministry, Pruning Hooks Ministry, generously donated over 80 prom dresses for our guests to “shop” from.  Our Anti Prom committee decided to have a casino night for fun sit down entertainment. 


Makeover time!

Our generous donors donated some AMAZING prizes including:  Kindle Fire, Wii System, Flat Screen TV, and much much more.  We were gifted with so many prizes that each hidden teen did not leave empty handed.  Ulta donated makeup supplies to help with our teen girls makeovers (and some amazing makeup and hair stylist came to help!)  


Cake by Creating Memories Cakes and Catering

The much anticipated night was held on May 3, 2013 and was held at the beautiful Courtyard on St. James Place.  Their service, staff and dinner was impeccable!  Our guests enjoyed appetizers (courtesy of Frito Lay and a gorgeous fruit display by Creating Memories Cakes & Catering), sit down dinner, scrumptious cake (Creating Memories Cakes & Catering), deejay services by Johnny Bravo, fun casino games (courtesy of Blackjack Casino Rentals) and professional photography by Tiffany Daniel, Carl Miller and Brett Perroux. 



Table erupted in cheers when players beat the dealer!

I was excited when the night of the Anti-Prom finally came around. I was incredibly happy to see our teen guests interacting and having a great time – the smiles on everyones’ faces were priceless. The experience was kind of surreal, like a dream. For most of the night, it was difficult to tell who was having more fun:  us teens or our adult volunteers who led the games. 


Justin, Michael and Danni pondering their next move!

I was so overjoyed that a simple vision of bringing light to the hidden – having this Anti Prom –  was being fulfilled that night.

Due to my own struggle with this illness and the isolation and hardships it can sometimes bring, it is my personal mission to try to help other chronically ill teens not to feel hidden or miss out on some fun teen experiences.   No one should have to feel invisible and lonely; teens with dysautonomia or other illnesses should know that they matter, that there are people who care, and that they are not alone. 

I am very thankful for all of our volunteers (so many to list!) who made this night happen. 

I am not completely sure they, including our donors, realize the full extent of what they gifted us teens that night.  For them, it may have felt they were helping to give chronically ill teens a fun night away from doctor appointments and hospitalizations. 

But for us teens, it was more than a night.  It is a cherished forever memory. 


Dysautonomia teen Josh was the grand prize winner for the evening (Flat screen tv and Wii gift package) Congratulations Josh!


Below are more fun pictures from the night….  Also, as a reminder to those who are still learning about hidden illnesses.  Excluding our volunteers, most of those pictured do not “look” sick, however, they suffer daily from debilitating chronic illness.

Image  Not every illness is visible….ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

RSVP through our website for the (Anti) Prom for Chronically Ill high school aged teens!  Hope to see you there!


Prom for Dysautonomia / Chronically Ill Teens – Share the News!.