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ImageUnexplained Gastrointestinal Pain issues? 

Great May 2012 research article from doctors in Cleveland, OH.  In plain English, research is showing that 89% of young patients with FGID (basically gastrointestinal disorders “stomach pains” with no known cause) had orthostatic symptoms (Dysautonomia).

In general, kids with these FGID complaints can be labeled as “psychiatric origins” because many of the standard tests come back “normal” – when in fact it can be from Dysautonomia. 

To read the full article, click here:  

Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance for Dysautonomia Teens looks forward to the day when, once and for all, Dysautonomia, and all the many symptoms associated with it, are recognized in the entire medical community to be – without a doubt – origin in nature (not a mental issue!).