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boo-bash-flyer-2016FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Lisa Marlowe
Boo Bash 2016 Chair
Tickets on Sale Now for 5th Annual Charity Boo Bash
                                Date:  Saturday, October 29, 2016
                                Time:  6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
                                Place:  Constellation Field – Insperity Club, 1 Stadium Drive, Sugarland
HOUSTON, TX (August 22, 2016) –  Don’t miss the best time you’ll have in a costume.  The 5th Annual Charity Boo Bash promises to be a Halloween soiree like no other.  Tickets for the Boo Bash are on sale now at  Admission is $55 and includes dinner, a welcome bag of goodies, and a spooky good time.  Sponsorships for the event are also available.
The party will feature a delicious gourmet dinner with dessert, drinks, casino games, prizes, a photo booth, costume contests and DJ Johnny Bravo.  Boo Bash 2016 will be held at Constellation Field, home of the Sugar Land Skeeters, in the Insperity Club, a unique party space behind home plate on the deluxe skybox level.  All proceeds benefit Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance (MHHA), a charity for teens and young adults with Dysautonomia and other debilitating illnesses. 12175973_10106804673107420_770890860_o
The Boo Bash provides ample opportunities for party-goers to win prizes, both big and small.  There will be silent and live auctions with a variety of items including a Destin Florida Condo get-away and round-trip airfare for two to any location in the continental US.  Raffle tickets will be available with prizes of date-nights for a year, a year of gourmet coffee or a family movie-night out.  Costume contests offer cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  There will be plenty of other chances to win including a prize pull and a 50/50 cash drawing. 
20131125-132453.jpgWith the Boo Bash growing in popularity every year, it is becoming the social event of the season.  In previous years, the event has been held at various locations in Katy.  Keri Aschoff, President of MHHA, said, “Boo Bash has sold out for the last three years straight, we moved to a bigger location to accommodate more guests.”  The Insperity Club features large windows overlooking the field and a fun, inviting banquet space for up to 300 people.  “Having our special 5th Annual Boo Bash there will not only allow us to have more guests,” Aschoff said, “it also lets us go bigger and better with decorations and entertainment.  Boo Bash is a can’t-miss event for all adults in our community who want to have a great time and help out a very good cause!” 
The venue at Constellation Field also provides a separate lounge/party space to accommodate the special needs of the chronically ill teens that MHHA serves.  Aschoff said, “it’s a way for them to socialize with others who understand their world.”
Boo Bash Sponsorship Benefits

Boo Bash Sponsorship Benefits

MHHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to outreach to homebound and hospitalized teens with dysautonomia and other hidden, life changing illnesses. MHHA was founded in 2011 by Mikaela Aschoff, after she fell ill with dysautonomia in her freshman year of high school. The organization provides gifts, hope kits, and monthly socials for these chronically ill young people as well as the annual Anti-PROM, a formal dinner and casino-night party for teens affected by hidden illnesses. MHHA also works to spread awareness of Dysautonomia.

Dysautonomia is considered a “hidden illness” because the sufferers often look healthy to the casual observer. It is, however, a complex condition caused by a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system and can affect the cardiovascular, endocrine, metabolic and gastrointestinal systems. Dysautonomia can cause very painful and debilitating symptoms. For more information,
If you are interested in donating an auction item or would like information about becoming an event sponsor, please contact Lisa Marlowe at or call 713-261-8727.
Serving #teens and young adults with #Dysautonomia and other life-changing #ChronicIllnesses

ImageHello all – Mik’s mom here.  I am going to completely show my age and quote the classic 1980s teen flick Sixteen Candles.  It is in the scene towards the end of the movie, (paraphrased) when all the students were going to the dance.  One of the student’s parents forced him to go to the dance – they literally shoved him through the door and closed it.  And he responded by beating on the closed door, shouting to his parents, “BUT I WANT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU GUYS”.  

At Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance, through the countless messages we are receiving, we are learning there is a growing trait among hidden (chronically-ill) teens across the country who are just like the guy at the dance in Sixteen Candles.  

What is this common unspoken trait phenomenon sweeping the nation among chronically ill teens?  After spending a long time in and out of hospitals / having difficulty going to school on a regular basis, relating to “normie” (healthy) teens starts to become a challenge – you might, like the guy in Sixteen Candles, actually… GASP… prefer the company of your parents, family and adult friends!  We have heard this so much that it is literally becoming an unspoken phenomenon and many question “Am I Normal?”.  

You hidden teens might find you can identify with “older”  people more (the horror!)  You might find yourself just unable to relate to some people your own age because of their… ahem… teen drama.  Yes, general teen issues for all is important in their world and we should give everyone the grace to understand that we should not play the comparison game with our various inner battles (never want to trivialize that), but as you grow and mature, you realize somethings that you thought were so important prior to your illness (trends, clothes, latest teen gossip, having the latest gadget, where you want to go to Spring Break with your friends, etc) become UNIMPORTANT.  Why?  Because you begin to wish for the most basic, yet one of  the most important, blessings:  the gift of health.  

Trust me, Mik and I completely understand this phenomenon we are hearing about.  And, we both agree identifying with adults and being friends with them is COMPLETELY OKAY and NORMAL!  (Even enjoying the company of your very talkative and slightly overprotective mom is completely normal… even though SHE maybe on the far quirky edge of what is deemed “normal”… not that I know of any of them personally…. right, Mik?)  

ImageHowever, we also agree it is important to find teen friends to socialize with that not only accepts you, but UNDERSTANDS you.  As much as I wished I could be Mik’s everything:  her mom, her caregiver, her champion, her super BFF (she just loves when I speak Teen Slang!) – I realize humbly… I just can not.  

I can not fill the gap that true goodhearted friends her age can.  Through her illness journey, Mik has met some amazing fellow hidden teen friends.  Friends she would not have met if she stayed at home.  Friends who make this journey easier because they are here with her.  And she wants this kind of support system for all her fellow hidden teens across this country too.  

That is why Mik continues to push through and work on her ideas to bring socials and events to Houston area chronically ill teens. And this is why she is working with an amazing team of advisor mentors – all specialists in their given fields – to determine the best way to bring MHHA ideas across the country.   

It is Mik’s hope and dream that her fellow chronically ill teens will get to attend socials ACROSS THE COUNTRY that help them to interact with fellow chronically ill teens that are uplifting, positive and just focus on the FUN.  (more on this soon…  Stay tuned!)


Mik’s Pic in The Katy Magazine news article

You have question or have ideas on how to reach out to fellow hidden teens in your community?  We would love to hear from you!  Message Mik at:  


Houston area – chronically ill teens – RSVP for the Anti-Prom TODAY and share, share, share with other chronically ill teens.  MHHA is a very friendly network of chronically-ill teens.  Click here for more info.



Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance mission objectives:

Social Outreach – Outreach program to foster our growing community and to help teens with Dysautonomia and other life-changing hidden chronic illnesses to get out of the home to experience fun classes and “teen experience events” like our annual Anti-Prom!

Hope Kits (Click here to nominate a deserving teen!) – Teen-focused gift kits sent across the country to bring hope and the knowledge they are not hidden.

Dysautonomia Awareness – Events and community service projects to highlight Dysautonomia and its effects on teens and their families and to encourage more research in this much needed area.
Support Network – Hidden teens and their families often feel isolated.  MHHA goal is to help bring these families together for support.
Hospitalized Teen Programs – Because teens are typically in a children’s hospital, MHHA works to provide teen-focused toiletries, activities, books, gifts and video games to help make their stay more enjoyable.  


The hottest ticket in town this October is the Second Annual Charity Boo Bash Casino Night, October 19th, benefitting Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance! Get ready for a scary good time at this Halloween soiree!

This party has everything for the adults in our community: casino night, live music from singer Rhonda Williams and dynamic band duo the Smokestack Sons, drinks, even a costume contest! There will be live and silent auctions with some exciting items up for bid.  A catered delectable dinner will be served.  While those with a wicked sweet tooth will enjoy the amazing Halloween dessert buffet offered by Creating Memories Cakes. 

The witching hours are 6-10pm at Multiplicity in the heart of old Katy. Tickets are $40 if you order by October 12, $50 at the door. For more information or to reserve tickets visit  Want to be a sponsor or donate an auction item?  We appreciate it!  Please contact us for details on how you can help!  Can’t attend?  Consider making an in-spirit donation.

Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance was founded in 2011 by Katy teen resident, Mikaela “Mik” Aschoff after falling unexpectedly ill with Dysautonomia her freshman year of high school.  After being homebound with this debilitating illness, Mik started MHHA to offer hope and help to local and national homebound and hospitalized teens with dysautonomia and other chronic life-changing hidden illnesses by sending them Hope Kits (teen focused gift items), outreach meetings, bring about Dyautonomia Awareness and plan socials like our “Anti Prom” held this past May for Houston area chronically ill teens.

Dysautonomia is a complex condition caused by a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. It affects the cardiovascular, endocrine, metabolic and gastrointestinal systems and can cause very debilitating symptoms. For more information visit their website at

Event Venue:  Multiplicity is located at 1306 Avenue A ~ Katy, TX 77493
For questions about the Boo Bash, e-mail   

Our appreciation goes to our sponsors for the Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance Boo Bash (as of 9/15/13) are

(Gold Heart Sponsors) Spero Rehab & Knesek & Associates Traffic Engineering and Consulting.

Image  Image

(Silver Heart Sponsors)  Lamb Foundation for Dysautonomia Research, The Cox Family and The Kotecki Family. 

(Bronze Heart Sponsors)  Mason Road Sheet Metal and numerous anonymous angel donors 

(In Kind Sponsors)  Multiplicity, Creating Memories Cakes and Accrotech, 

Special thanks to the McWhorter and Trevino Families for their continued dedication and support for MHHA. 

Also, much appreciation to Dr. Numan, Dr. Butler, Rebecca Martinez, RN and the rest of the medical team at UTHSC Physicians/Dysautonomia Center for Excellence working with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas for their ongoing determination and dedication to help those who suffer from Dysautonomia.