How You See Yourself & Mik Update

Posted: July 2, 2012 in From the Momma Bear, Uncategorized
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Posted by Mik’s Momma Bear:

1.  Mik loves finding reasons to smile.  Below is something she found on Pinterest and loved : )  She thought this related to how people see chronically-ill people versus how they should see themselves.Image

(2)  Mik and I are so excited by all the new happenings with MHHA.    Mik is finishing up her latest blog post and it will be updated soon!  And, fyi, we have moved our main website to our permanent address at

(3)  And last, but certainly not least, after several rough days, and her superhero cardiologist Dr. Numan being out of town : ( , Mik’s favorite general doctor, Dr. Joshua Defriece, has said her pain on the left side of her ribs (towards the back) could possibly be Costochondritis.  Though it is very painful and feels like sharp stabbing pain in the afflicted area, the remedy is pain medication and rest, rest and more rest.  We are not sure 100% if this is exactly what is causing these painful episodes, but we are thankful that after several days of feeling miserable with every symptom in the book, she is feeling better.  Thank you all for your prayers!


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