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One of our happy Hope Kit recipients

The next round of the Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance Hope Kits for teens with Dysautonomia and other hidden chronic illnesses will be sent out after Anti-PROM.  Hope Kits are filled with teen focused gifts that can be used either for the homebound teen patient or for those hospitalized.

With hospitalizations and the busy fun of planning Anti-PROM, our next round of Hope Kits will go out towards the end of the month.

We would love for you to send in a nomination for the deserving chronically-ill teen in your life.  Click here to nominate.

Please keep in mind we send out Hope Kits as donations become available and work through our nomination list as quick as we can.  To date, we have sent hundreds across the US.


If you would like to help donate towards the cost of Hope Kits and shipping costs, we appreciate it!  Click here to donate.

To apply, your nominated recipient must be between the ages of 12 and 19 years of age and be either hospitalized or homebound under a doctor’s care for their chronic hidden illness. This information is kept confidential. Applications will be accepted and Hope Kits will be provided to qualified recipients as donations become available.

Please contact us here to check the status of your nomination.

Want to know more about the impact my team at MHHA is having on teens across the country?  

Watch this video!



Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance is dedicated to bringing positive encouragement to homebound and hospitalized teens who suffer from Dysautonomia and other life-changing chronic illnesses through social outreach, Hope Kits, Hospital Teen Program and Dysautonomia Awareness.  #dysautonomia #chronicillness #Hope4DysTeens #TheHidden

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We appreciate all of our angelic sponsors.  With every big or small donation, we are able to help more Hidden Teens.  Special thank you to our Gold Heart Sponsors at Lamb Foundation for Dysautonomia ResearchSpero Rehab and J Knesek & Assoc.